Yakety Yak

Suffragette! A new musical play from Yakety Yak,young actors company.

Camilla the music hall performer, Millicent Garret Fawcett, Princess Sophia Duleep Singh, Violet the mill worker, Kitty Marshall, Emmeline Pankhurst's underground bodyguard and Christabel Pankhurst, all suffragists and suffragettes caught up in the bitter struggle for women's votes. In the centenary of women's partial suffrage, we honour their stories in a musical extravaganza that tells of the courage, love, and determination to win a world fit for our daughters to live in.

Directed by Agnes Lillis, produced by Mary Hunt, written by Bel Greenwood, lyrics and music by Nick Murray Brown, performed by an exceptional all female cast .


Fri 12th Oct
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